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My Philosophy

I believe that all students—from all walks of life, all value systems, all social identities, and all cultures—are able to learn, especially when given the right conditions to flourish.

I believe that all families—of all family structures, all cultural backgrounds, and all resource levels—do the best they can with what they have to support their students, and that they are an integral part of students’ learning and development.

I believe that all educators—teachers, counselors, administrators, and other educational supports—are responsible for forging partnerships and collaborating to meet the holistic and diverse needs of students.

I believe that my role as a school counselor is to leverage the ASCA National Model to support student flourishing in three areas: academic, career, and social-emotional growth. My aim is to help students understand themselves, identify strengths-based goals, and develop resilience and strategies for reaching those goals. 

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My Philosophy: Text
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